About Adam Gent

Hello, I’m a Freelance Technical SEO and Product Manager. I work from my office in Yorkshire, England.

A quick summary of my experience:

  • Senior Technical SEO Consultant with 9 years of experience.
  • Created and managed result-driven technical SEO strategies for global enterprise companies.
  • Product Manager for an award-winning and industry-leading SEO crawling tool.
  • Released successful product features that solve real user problems.
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) in Scrum Alliance.
  • BrightonSEO Speaker April 2019

Please read on if you want to learn more about my background.

Product Manager at DeepCrawl

I worked as a Product Manager at DeepCrawl from November 2018 to December 2020.

I originally joined DeepCrawl in June 2018 as a Senior SEO Analyst and helped solve technical SEO problems for some of the biggest websites in the world. I became interested in improving the product and joined the product team in November 2018.

As a Product Manager, I was in charge of delivering successful product features that solve problems for technical SEOs. It was my responsibility to develop a product vision, strategy (roadmap) and objectives, and key results (OKRs) for each feature.

A few examples of product features I worked on:

I was also a Product Owner in the team’s Scrum rituals. In this role I was responsible for defining feature requirements and breaking down complex projects into smaller items with the development team.

As a Product Owner, I was responsible to transfer knowledge to the development team from what product team learned in product discovery sprints. I also managed the product and development backlog, which involved prioritising items based on what the team learnt from releases and customer feedback.

I also worked with the marketing and engineering teams to write product guides for our customers. To help them understand how they could use features to solve real world SEO problems. I wrote a lot about how DeepCrawl features worked including JavaScript rendering, DeepRank, and Google Search Console integration features.

As well as write product guides, I also had the opportunity to speak about the State of Pagination on the Web at BrightonSEO in April 2019.

I also wrote an industry-leading guide on Pagination SEO for those who needed guidance post rel=next and prev.

Pagination SEO Guide Included in Moz

As a Product Manager at a leading software company, I got to enroll in some of the best product training courses and communities in the world. These included:

  • Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) course in London
  • Design Sprint workshop in Paris hosted by Jake Knapp
  • Joining the Mind the Product community
  • Joining the Scrum Alliance community
  • Reading too many books on Lean, Agile, Designing great products, etc.
The Sprint Book Signed

My career in SEO

I joined DeepCrawl in 2018 as a Senior Technical SEO Analyst. I’d always been fascinated with web crawling as a topic as I’d been helping to fix client crawling and indexing issues for years. I’d even begun to ask more and more about the technology from Googlers on Twitter.

Before DeepCrawl, I was working at one of the most technical SEO agencies in the UK – SALT.agency.

At SALT.agency I was a Senior Technical SEO Consultant and worked with a variety of global brands across different vertices including global SaaS companies. I worked with clients to fix some of the most advanced technical SEO issues I’ve come across (that crawl map won me a Sitebulb t-shirt).

I worked with some of the best in the business when it comes to technical SEO (the minds behind Edge SEO). I even began a Technical SEO podcast with Dan Taylor, the Head of R&D, and talked to fantastic guests (Barry Adams, Kevin Indig and Russ Jones).

Before SALT.agency, I worked at the multi-award winning creative SEO agency Branded3 as a Senior SEO Strategist. I was the SEO lead on some of the biggest accounts at the agency including: Ladbrokes Sports, Money.co.uk, City Index and bathstore.

At Branded3 I learned a lot about SEO, CRO and analytics, and content marketing from some incredibly kind and bright people. I was also lucky enough to be one of the team members who went to Paris for the European Search Awards, where won the Best Large Agency.

It was at Branded3 I also began to really enjoy technical SEO and working with client teams to fix technical issues. At  Figaro Digital in November 2011 I did a talk on how we created technical SEO strategies when working with Branded3 clients.

In this role I also began doing weird experiments with Google. For example my first test I found that JavaScript redirects do pass PageRank and somehow the post went viral on Twitter (2016 was a funny year).

I started my technical SEO career working at Ingenuity Digital and WMG across a variety of different vertices with many international brands like Petit Bateau, Milwaukee and CitizenM.


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