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I have over a decade of experience getting projects executed in SEO, product and digital teams in all sorts of environments.

All my client engagements usually start with the following conversations:

  • “Audit our website to identify technical SEO opportunities.”
  • “Help our team scope and implement an SEO features for our website.”
  • “Work with our dev team to implement technical SEO opportunities.”
  • “Help the business and our teams make sense of SEO to drive growth.”
  • “Help train our internal teams on technical SEO.”

I usually embed myself alongside product, development and design teams in a clients organisation to advise and help get SEO projects executed.

I work with a small number of clients each year and our partnerships usually last for extended periods of time. This is because our engagements require me to work directly with the development, product and design teams to get projects executed.

Please feel free to get in touch: hello @ gentofsearch.com.

The services I offer fall into four main categories:

1. Ownership

“Work with our dev team to implement technical SEO opportunities.”

A development team need an experienced SEO to own an SEO project from start to finish and work within their team’s processes. 

I’ve worked with numerous enterprise and startup development teams over the years to implement SEO projects that drive results.

Example: After a technical SEO audit, I worked with an enterprise organisation’s development team to plan, scope and breakdown actions into realistic release plans which help drive an additional $1 million in revenue YoY from the SEO channel.

Example: I worked with a SaaS client technical team to develop a web development strategy for a platform migration to help improve web performance and accessibility of the website. I worked with the development team to plan, scope and migrate the website which helped reduce delivery time from 3 months to 6 weeks.

2. Strategy

“Help the business and our teams make sense of SEO to drive growth.”

A clear sense of direction and understanding why implementing SEO recommendations is critical to getting things done in any organisation.

I work with the client’s team to build out an SEO Strategy that will drive results. I then work with client to make sure any strategy is in line with the wider business goals before proposing a plan of action and a roadmap. I don’t just build the strategy and walk away, I also work with the client’s teams to make sure the client’s strategy is executed.

Example: I worked with a client who wanted to increase leads from niche business sectors in the UK. However, there was a considerable content gap between what their customers was searching for and the content on their website. I worked with the client’s content team to identify relevant content and build a content plan. At the same time I worked with the development team to plan, scope and build a scalable content hub system in the custom CMS. This content and technical strategy allowed the client’s teams to execute and create content hubs at scale, in 12 months the client’s non-brand SEO traffic had tripled and the number of niche business leads from the website had doubled.

3. Audits

“Audit our website to identify technical SEO opportunities.”

The technical SEO audit is important to help teams diagnose and identify priority opportunities that could be holding back a website.

I don’t believe in big bulky audits (especially for large sites), so I work with teams to identify the best type of audit to suit your situation. I usually conduct technical SEO audits that identify crawling, indexing and JavaScript issues which can be holding back the website.

Example: I audited a enterprise ecommerce website with over 2 million pages. I identified a number of high priority actions including link architecture, deepening product content and reduce the number of low-quality pages being crawled and indexed.

Example: I audited a SaaS website and quickly identified that there were content quality, technical SEO and information architecture issues which were holding back the website. I put together a clear action plan which outlined what the team needed to do next to rectify the issues.

4. Training

“Help train our internal teams on technical SEO.”

I believe companies succeed because of the talented individuals within them. This is an obvious statement but many companies do not invest in their team’s knowledge or skills.

I’ve developed training for internal teams on to help bridge the gap between SEO, product and development teams. To help organizations succeed.

Example: I was hired by one of the largest international job listing websites to train their team on advanced technical SEO that would drive results. I provided a custom training session and SEO playbooks for their team to implement once the training session was over. It went so well that they offered me a job as an SEO Product Manager.

Industry Experience

I have worked in a variety of sectors and business verticals over the last decade but in particular I specialise in complex or custom platforms. Previous clients have worked with include:

  • Glassdoor
  • Ladbroke Sports
  • bathstore
  • Money.co.uk
  • Amplifon
  • Gulf News
  • Beauty Bay
  • Bodyguard
  • Harper Collins
  • City Index
  • University of Leeds

I specialise in working with client product and development teams who use a headless CMS, custom built platform or JavaScript framework like Next.js, Gatsby or Vue.js.

I communicate with a variety of stakeholders at all levels to get SEO projects executed from the CEO all the way to junior developers.

Let’s Work Together

If any of these services sound like they can help the please feel free to get in touch: hello @ gentofsearch.com.

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