Independent Technical SEO and Product Manager

Adam Gent, Technical SEO Consultant

Hey, I’m Adam. I am an Independent Technical SEO and Product Manager who works with SEO, Product and development teams to scope and implement technical solutions that drive business results.


I keep trying to hire Adam but he’s having none of it. Please don’t hire him, I don’t like the idea that anyone else gets to work with him because he is the best in the business. I would very much prefer it if he’d come to work with me again instead.

– Stephen Kenwright, COO at Rise at Seven

“Adam is one of the most brilliant individuals I’ve ever had the opportunity of working with at DeepCrawl. His level of genius is unmatched and combined with his logical thinking and stellar execution makes him an invaluable asset to any team or organization.”

– Jen Hoffman, Marketing & Growth Advisor

I worked with Adam for over two years during his time at Branded3 working on the SEO strategy team. He’s quite simply one of the best technical SEOs I’ve ever worked with who was not just willing but enthusiastic about working and learning with other teams to deliver outstanding work.

– Tim Grice, CEO at

We’ve worked with Adam quite solidly for a few months and his work has always been super thorough and detailed. His deliverables are always on time and not forgetting, just working with Adam is super easy. He’s always able to take the time out to chat through his process and ensures that what he’s produced nails the brief.  Thanks Adam!

– Lauren Fielding, Account Director at Pandable

During the two years, I was lucky enough to work with Adam at DeepCrawl, I was continually inspired by his deep knowledge and passion for technical SEO as well as his methodical and pragmatic approach to solving complex SEO problems. Adam is a pleasure to work with and I cannot recommend him highly enough!

– Sam Marsden, Head of SEO at Glassdoor